A little bit about me. I’m a 20-year or so post production veteran. The bulk of my TV career was spent at WGBH in Boston with the documentary series American Experience. Since leaving WGBH at the dawn of the century, I did the dot-com consultant thing, started my own firm, and received my MBA. I currently teach post production at Boston University’s College of Communication. I choose not to get a real job because it’s just really cool to be paid to watch TV, play with gadgets, and occasionally pontificate for a living.

Though I’ve always had the requisite vanity and chutzpah to contribute to the din in the blogosphere, I believed I lacked the expertise to comment on the industry. That was until I spent some quality time with real, live industry analysts.

I mostly work from home so I can be around to taxi kids to sports practices after school. I’ve been blessed with a remarkable stable of clients who can deal with my odd schedule. We’ll see what happens during summer vacation.

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