Rooting for the good guys

IndieFlix is a business I really want to succeed. Today’s NY Times featured an article on the company. It’s an internet-based film distribution company. The independent filmmaker submits the film, IndieFlix authors a DVD, markets the film, and handles distribution. Films typically cost $9.95 with the filmmaker getting 1/3 off the top. It’s better than most distribution deals available to indies today, but IPTV folks are promising better so I hope they can gain traction quickly.

So why route for Scilla Andreen and Gian-Carlo Scandiuzzi? The Times article quotes one of the principals as doing this to give something back to the community. From what I can tell the principals are really talented with the Emmy bling to prove it. But neither ever struck it big. I’ve been around lots of folks like that who, rather than focusing on the positive “hey this is a terribly cool way to make a living even without the fame and fortune,” choose to focus on the fact that they never reached the potential their 11th grade English teacher predicted and are bitter and cynical.

For those who need another reason to pull for this pair, go to their obligatory business model virtuous cycle diagram. How can you not root for a company that uses the word moola in its PowerPoint presentations? Kip and Uncle Rico would be proud.

Their site is still in beta, and the Times exposure is going to get them some traffic. Good luck.

From the mailbag

A former Scient buddy sent this to me. It was just five years ago this actually worked as a strategy for publicly traded companies. Cue Barbara Steisand’s “The Way We Were.” The tears are welling up.

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