Video podcast tutorial

Here’s a quick tutorial for those who want to get a video podcast up in short order. You’ll need is the following:

  • QuickTime Pro 7.0.3 for H.264 encoding, QuickTime Pro 6 for MPEG-4
  • Any text editor
  • An FTP client [ Mac | PC ]
  • Web server space
  • A QuickTime movie you may legally distribute
  • Step 1

    Open the movie with the QuickTime Pro Player and select Export from the File menu. From the Options menu select “Movie to iPod video (320×240). Save the file, making sure not to remove or change the m4v file extension. Be prepared to wait. Apple wants your video to look good, so it defaults to the H.264 codec and encodes using 2-pass VBR. On my PowerBook it was taking something like 3x real time to encode. Once you get the hang of this you can experiment with other encoding methods, but for now this delivers a darn good picture even if it takes forever and uses a bit of bandwidth (750 kbs/sec).

    If you don’t have QT 7, you can use QT 6. Export as an MPEG-4 file with the mP4 extension. You will have to set the raster size and the bit rate manually in Options. The mp4 codec yields a lower quality image at the same bit rate as H.264, but encodes a lot faster.

    QT Pro Export Window
    Step 2

    Create the XML file for iTunes or another RSS reader to access. This document is served like a web page from a standard web server. Rather than go through the steps one by one, I’ve created a template. Just go through the template and replace anything written in all caps. You’ll see what I mean once you’re in there. Make sure you save this file as text-only. I prefer to edit these in Dreamweaver or with BBEdit.

    Step 3

    FTP the files to the web server.

    Step 4

    In iTunes 6, select Podcasts in the left column. Under the Advanced menu, select Subscribe to Podcast. Enter the URL of the XML file you created. Your video will begin downloading in iTunes.

    4 Thoughts on “Video podcast tutorial

    1. I tried using your XML template and there is nothing in CAPS. Did you mean replace the stuff in green?

    2. The file’s been replaced. The new one has caps where expected.

    3. Thanks!! The new xml worked perfectly?

      How would I do multiple video files? Can I put multiple entries in the xml file or do I have to put multiple xml files up?

    4. Just add items. You should be able to find a lot of information on RSS and XML online. This isn’t meant as a general tutorial site because I’m just not that helpful by nature and I don’t make any money at this. IOW, you’re on your own now.

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