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Though I haven’t been able to figure a way to get an H.264 encoded file out of Compressor 2 that will load onto the video capable iPods, I have been able to encode valid MPEG-4 files that work. I’ve found that 512 Kbps works well on the iPod. This setting doesn’t look as crisp as H.264 encoded material, but is passable on the small screen. I don’t consider it acceptable for NTSC display.

Pictured are the settings I use. Don’t forget to resize the material to 320×240 in the format tab (circled).

It’s surprising Apple hasn’t released an update to Compressor 2 to address the H.264 shortcoming. I would expect one shortly.

2 Thoughts on “Compressor 2 video iPod settings

  1. what about interlacing? does the ipod have interlacing? what priority? & in mp4 format you can import video up to 480 x 480…why not make your video 480 x 360? Should the video be square pixel or D1 pixel for the ipod?

    I haven’t seen a lot of info on this out there. I have Squeeze for MPEG 4 and so far that has been he fastest way to convert good looking uploadable video…

  2. No, the iPod doesn’t have an interlaced display. I assume you mean making the video 360×480 so you don’t have to scale vertically. That might work technically, but using the standard MPEG-4 codec won’t yield better results than the H.264 codec at 320×240.

    Does Squeeze support H.264?

    Try Digigami or QT Pro with H.264. The video you get will be vastly superior to standard MPEG-4 when displayed on an NTSC monitor. On the iPod, almost anything looks passable since the screen is so small.

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