So far, so fast

It’s only been a year since podcasting hit the mainstream press. In the course of doing some research on TiVo, I came across this Newsweek article from December 7, 2004. It’s an explainer piece about podcasting. It’s hard to believe that only a year ago the word wasn’t even in common usage. Interestingly, the article describes alternatives to podcasting.

Podcasting is not the only technology that saves online audio for your digital player. There’s AudioFeast, an Internet service similar in concept to podcasting but with a menu of hundreds of established shows, and no amateurs, for $50 a year. There’s also RadioShark, a $70 gadget that looks just like a shark’s fin and records live radio onto your hard drive with a time buffer, allowing the user to pause or rewind.

Anybody ever heard of these things?

The RadioShark would make a great Christmas gift… in 1993.

Nifty piece of engineering. Awful timing.

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