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Our top story tonight, Internet Explorer for the Macintosh is still dead. No word yet when its Windows sibling will be euthanized, but Symantec stock plunged on rumors of IE for Windows’ demise.

They waited until December 19, but Congress finally made official what everyone already knew. The 2006 DTV mandate has been delayed until 2009. NAB lobbyists, with three more years of job security, are taking the holidays off before beginning work on the 2012 target date.


I came across this gem the other day. is a kind of social bookmarking site. You store your bookmarks there and get to see others’ bookmarks as well. Pretty public, but it’s kind of neat to see who else posted the same bookmark as I. One can even subscribe to someone’s bookmarks. Why someone would want an RSS feed of my bookmarks is beyond me, but here’s the link to try it out. I’ve only got three bookmarks posted right now, but two are real winners.

Paul Graham is a must read for anyone contemplating a start up. Had I discovered him sooner, I might have taken a pass on the MBA. And David Warsh was a favorite economics columnist when he was at the Boston Globe. I’m glad he’s still writing. A little less in your face than Paul Krugman, Warsh still has some bite. This week he gets a swipe at a Wall Street Journal columnist for arguing that Toyota Prius owners are suckers.

But by garlanding about his calculations with static assumptions about technology and supply and demand, and by ignoring the external effects of consumption at a time when global warming has become front-page news, Jenkins does economics no service. Indeed, he makes those Prius buyers look pretty good — by ignoring an impending adjustment to the consequences of industrialization that may be as disruptive as the process of industrialization itself.”

Yeah… whatever he said.

And finally tonight…

if (like wine || like dogs) {
read (Winery Dogs);
written by (former Scient colleague);

Good night and good news.

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