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Today Today Xprove entered public beta. Xprove is an online collaboration tool for video professionals. Producers, editors, and designers can share an approval cut with a client with just a few mouse clicks. It’s probably not going to turn the industry on its head, but if it can save people a few hours a month it’s done its job.

The idea for Xprove in one form or another has been kicking around for almost half a dozen years. Some big players have taken a stab at the review and approval space, but those solutions have cost a lot more than the monthly FedEx and courier tabs of the typical producer. They were also bloated with features such as Gantt charts, time tracking, and project management.

My clients didn’t need that stuff. They already knew how to run their businesses. So with the talents of a couple of kick ass designer-developers, and the generous help of numerous colleagues who answered our online surveys and took our phone calls, we developed Xprove: video review and approval in a few mouse clicks for a few bucks.

Now we’re in beta. It’s been a challenge getting to this point. The product’s been redesigned a couple of times. Just a few weeks ago, the development team decided to forego PHP/MySQL for Ruby on Rails. All this with the nagging startup details nibbling at our toes like a pack of underfed weasels.

At the end of the day, Xprove’s a good old subscription service. As hard as we tried we couldn’t put a lot of Web 2.0 jargon in our marketing materials. But having been through the Web 1.0 thing and we know it’s about more than eyeballs and buzz.

So it’s with great pride that we declare Xprove a Web 1.5 company. Such a declaration’s not likely to spur a herd of VCs into a stampede to our humble offices.

We’ll just have to settle for satisfied customers to sustain our little venture.

Interested in beta testing? Drop us a line and we’ll set you up.

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  1. Congratulations on getting to beta!


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