BAVUG presentation

I’ve gotten a couple of requests for copies of the presentation I made to the Boston Avid Users Group meeting on May 10. I’ve uploaded the PowerPoint file. If it doesn’t play properly on PCs (I made it on a Mac), I might have to upload the 26 MB PDF version. Leave a comment if you need the PDF.

Anyway, the key takeways weren’t my impressions of what I saw on the show floor at NAB. The theme was that the Web 2.0 technologies, mainstream broadband penetration, and the adoption of IPTV models will allow for the disintermediation of big distributors for long tail content. It’s a great time to be a content producer. Just make sure you retain at least partial ownership of the contnent you produce.

And that’s really what led us to launch Xprove. We believe that building tools for the growing the independent production industry is a huge opportunity. If we build tools that we would use ourselves, that video pros can learn in a few minutes, and that pay for themselves after just a couple of hours, we’ll be OK.

Enjoy the presentation. Send me your feedback.

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