Evolution of mobile video continues

YouTube announced its mobile video uploading service today. This is good for everyone in the food chain except those who are trying to make a buck betting people will want to watch repurposed TV content on their mobile phones.

Based on my observations of the Accenture and Deloitte sponsored panel discussions at this past NAB, there are a lot of folks who think it’s a viable business model. There are only two possibilities here. Either the consultant weasels just don’t get it, or they do get it but have opted to peddle a story the broadcasters want to here so they can get hired by them. Stupid or unethical? We are talking about consultants, so it’s even odds.

At any rate, boring is another fault of theirs. Even their own employees had trouble staying awake through the sessions. The 20-something Deloitte consultant next to me at a Tuesday session slept through more than half the discussion.

Again I will say it, the phone is a communication device, sometimes a gaming device, but to all but the nearly brain dead it is not a passive entertainment device. Observe what the under-25 crowd does with a phone. They talk on it, play games on it, and text message on it. They also snap and zap pictures. It’s a completely participatory experience.

YouTube’s move is very interesting. The effect on journalism will be profound. There are already cameras everywhere, now video from those cameras can be around the world in minutes. No more waiting for the news van to arrive and the news director to decide whether the event is newsworthy.

It appears even MobiTV finally understands that broadcasting to phones is a dead end. Today an agreement with AT&T announcing MobiTV offerings will be available on AT&T’s WiFi networks. Are there enough business travelers to make this offering viable? It’s still unlikely that a broadcast (one to many) model for mobile video content will ever work beyond news, sports, and weather.

One Thought on “Evolution of mobile video continues

  1. The whole debate seems so pointless while the phone manufactures refuse to build phones with without proper size memory. Until ipod style phones are made en masse the on real content at the moment seems to be low quality (streaming) content.

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