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For those of you with time on your hands looking for a free Windows workstation and a trip to California, RES Magazine and JumpCut.com have a contest for you.

May 16th, 2006 (New York, NY) RES Magazine has teamed up with Warner Independent Pictures, Microsoft, and Jumpcut.com to produce A Scanner Darkly Remix Contest. RES Magazine is announcing its call for entries for contestants to recut, remix or remake the film trailer for the upcoming Richard Linklater feature film A Scanner Darkly, based on the novel by Philip K. Dick, opening July 7th, 2006. The winner will receive trip for two to the film’s U.S. Premiere and a Microsoft Windows professional video editing workstation.

JumpCut’s a mashup service with what appear to be pretty cool online editing tools. Having spent so much of my career as an Avid editor, editing through a Web browser is not something I would consider recreation. I admit that I haven’t actually tried to edit anything through JumpCut. Sadly, the contest doesn’t require participants to use JumpCut to edit their submissions. Somehow I doubt the winner will be JumpCut-generated.

More on JumpCut:

Jumpcut.com is the Internet’s first fully featured video editor, letting users make movies completely online. Jumpcut.com users can upload their own media, grab shared media from other users, make amazing movies and publish instantly. Since everything is online, when Jumpcut.com users update their movies, changes are applied instantly to all published copies. Jumpcut.com also lets users remix other people’s public movies, enabling real-time video collaboration within online communities. Jumpcut.com makes the internet a creative playground.

2 Thoughts on “Jump starting JumpCut.com

  1. Hey Frank – Came across your post and thought I would reply. First of all, we really appreciate your mentions of us in this post and in your commencement address. So you are right the contest doesn’t require you to use Jumpcut and a more powerful offline editor certainly has more features. However, the beauty of Jumpcut is the easy of use and the speed in which you can create a video or remix somebody else’s video. Would love for you to actually give it a try and let us know your thoughts. Our belief is that some really cool content can be created and shared across the web and that over time we can continue to extend the power and functionality of the editor. Additionally we think some really neat participatory media experiences may arise through the ability to take someones movie and remix it.

  2. Seth, thanks for jumping in. What you have created with JumpCut has amazing potential. The conversations that are possible when people are given not only the tools, but access to material to edit, will be amazing.

    JumpCut’s probably a lot of fun, but it also has the potential to change the character of public discourse.

    I look forward to banging on JumpCut.

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