One prediction from 1999 came true

While archiving a bunch old data on a new machine, I came across an NLE review I wrote for DV Magazine back in July, 1999. The article was a roundup of all the big names in software-only NLEs of the day – Premiere, Speed Razor, Edit DV, and the new kid on the block, Final Cut Pro.

All said, Final Cut Pro is that rare version 1.0 package that works right out of the box, with minimal hassles. Its innovations are functional, not eye candy. This package will find its way into many professional studios in a very short time. Should Apple not rest on its laurels and continue to develop Final Cut Pro, it has the potential to become a truly revolutionary product at a very reasonable price point.

Make predictions long enough and you’re bound to be right sometimes.

We’ll just forget about the time in 1981 that I passed up the opportunity to meet Bono and the band for a drink in NYC after meeting U2 in their dressing room. In the elevator at 30 Rockefeller Center my friend asked if I planned on taking Bono up on his offer. “Nah,” I replied smuggly. “One hit wonders. Let’s catch the Yankees game instead.”

Hey, they had that Flock of Seagulls thing going with their hair.

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