Totally cool browser-based NLE

I haven’t gotten around to cutting my trailer on I’ve spent a couple of minutes here and there on the site, but I haven’t been totally thrilled with the performance of the video playback. It reminds me of Google Video’s performance when it launched. Nor have I been able to master the JumpCut interface. Grabbing, sets, etc. don’t quite work for someone used to working with projects, sequences, and bins. I guess I’m just not Web 2.0 enough. Call me a Web 1.5 guy.

Click image for larger view.

But this interface totally rocks. I registered, logged in, and was cutting in seconds. It’s a great editing interface. Clean, simple, and responsive. Of course the SFiFF (everything needs a lowercase i somewhere in its name) Remixer has limited the available pool of media, so searching and organizing are vastly simpler tasks. Still, it’s a hell of an interface.

Thanks to Bradley Horowitz for responding to an earlier entry. I discovered the Remixer project through his blog, and appreciate the value left in his wake.

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