Equipment purchase calculator

Conflicted about which piece of equipment to buy? A colleague is considering a major capital expenditure, so I reworked an Excel spreadsheet I developed last year that compared Avid and Final Cut Pro systems to be more generic. I thought I’d post it here as well.

Input the price of each system, the percent you plan on financing, the finance rate, and your internal rate of return. Internal rate of return is your opportunity cost. If the capital to purchase this equipment were to be invested elsewhere, how much would you expect to make? Ten percent is a standard benchmark.

The spreadsheet uses a macro, so Excel will pop up a warning. Click through it and you are good to go.

Download here

3 Thoughts on “Equipment purchase calculator

  1. Great stuff! I miss reading your articles in DV!

  2. Wondering if you might have any advice why I can’t see this in excel (I can see excel opens it, and I’ve adjusted the macro security level… still can’t see it to use though) — LOOKS GREAT.

  3. It works on current versions of Excel for Mac and Windows. I’ve not tried it on other versions. It’s been out a while, and this is the first I’ve heard this issue.

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