Married to the Brand

With the official start of summer, I’ve officially begun my summer reading. Mostly I’m catching up on all the books I’ve been meaning to read since last summer. First off the stack was William J. McEwen’s Married to the Brand.

It’s a very quick read that tries to bridge the chasm between the traditional quantitative approach of brand valuation and the softer marketing as art not science approach.

McEwen works for Gallup, the poll people, so it’s not surprising much of the book cites primary research through customer interviews. The book presents a basic framework for evaluating a company’s brand based on customer responses to eleven very direct questions.

Don’t worry if you haven’t suffered through b-school. McEwen covers the 4 Ps and miscellaneous MBA jargon enough to keep a lay person engaged without boring him or her to tears. The lessons learned by the likes of Nike, Apple, and Southwest Airlines can be applied to small businesses and startups as well.

I borrowed it from the local library, but plan on picking up a copy for the office library.

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