The wisdom of A-Rod

No, Alex Rodriguez wasn’t commenting directly on the trials of managing a startup, but something he said resonated. A-Rod’s in the midst of a batting slump. Yankees fans are on him. $27.5 million-a-year salary aside, you’d think it’s not a great time to be A-Rod.

From today’s NY Times: After a good game earlier this season, Rodriguez said he sometimes enjoyed his struggles as much as his successes.

“I love that fight and the struggles and even getting booed sometimes,” Rodriguez said May 13 after he went 2 for 3 with one homer and three runs batted in during a 4-3 victory over Oakland. “The fight of persevering and being resilient is as enjoyable as hitting three home runs sometimes.”

Whether it’s getting through a batting slump or a business slump, or getting blindsided by a competitor’s move, there’s that moment, empirical evidence aside, when you know you’re going to get past the current crisis. There’s not a feeling in the world that matches staring adversity in the face and knowing in the long run, the day will be yours.

A-Rod gets it. Nothing worth doing is easy.

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