Toolfarm relaunches AE Freemart

Toolfarm’s AE Freemart is another motion graphics resource. Not much there yet, but it promises to add new stuff each day.

It’s interesting how the motion graphics community has developed such a culture of sharing. Perhaps it’s that After Effects provides a better platform for sharing than other rich media creation tools. Small files such as scripts, expressions, .ffx files, etc. are easier to move around than whole Final Cut Pro files. But that’s not the whole of it. Avid has a similar architecture that allows for sharing of bins that can contain effects settings, color corrections, and title templates, but it’s just not done as frequently.

It bears noting that AE Freemart is a marketing project of of Toolfarm. It’s fueled by baser commercial motivations than AE Enhancers and Creative Workflow Hacks.

Web development is similar, but it’s more easily explained. Such an open environment makes it difficult to protect your secret recipes. This was especially true during the web’s formative years. So why bother?

Lift and let lift.

One Thought on “Toolfarm relaunches AE Freemart

  1. Thanks for the mention, Frank. We’ve so far kept up our promise of putting stuff up daily. Harry and I both have so much in the can we’re just rationing it. We do like to share. We’re both teachers. It’s in our blood. 😉 Yes, it’s a marketing thing for Toolfarm, but it’s also an outlet for Harry and I to share stuff with the community.

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