RED herring?

Word has it that there was a break in at the RED hype factory. You just can’t make this stuff up. Well maybe you can. Strange how corporate espionage disproportionately strikes companies without product or revenues. Let’s face it, if I’m among the super rich and lose my trade secrets to a bunch of common burglars, do I go public just to get the sympathy of a gaggle of Internet sycophants? Of course not, but it surely is a great excuse when I announce the inevitable delay to all those people who plunked down a deposit.

It’s beginning to look like without the cute kid.

My favorite post on the thread:

You’ve now joined the ranks of Howard Hughes, Tucker and others who were a little too revolutionary for comfort.

Somehow I don’t think 4K movie cameras that look like they plug into R2D2 are up there with aircraft and automobiles in their revolutionary potential. People please get your BS meters tuned. How many of us in the video biz really, really need a 4K camera? And how many of use want rev. 1.0 of anything born from the dream of a sunglass designer.

One Thought on “RED herring?

  1. Mel Matsuoka on September 26, 2006 at 5:40 pm said:

    I’d be inclined to agree with you 200%, Frank, if it weren’t for the fact that guys like Graeme Nattress and Ted Schilowitz weren’t on board.

    Then again, I suppose it’s entirely possible that even those guys aren’t immune from the lures of the fruity red Kool-Aid pitcher.

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