Apple Buys Silicon Color

All can be forgiven in quite a hurry (see previous post). For the single-seat, end-to-end shop Avid’s greatest advantage over Final Cut Pro has been in color correction. FCP has always required a third party tool to meet Avid’s color correction capabilities.

Silicon Color for FCPMy guess is that Silicon Color will be much like Shake. It will remain a separate product, and not be rolled into Final Cut for some time. Avid will maintain a significant work flow advantage for a while, but how long is anyone’s guess.

Apple’s focused acquisition strategy is very impressive. The company addresses specific weaknesses in its product line. Avid’s cast a much wider net by going after new markets with its acquisitions. Is Apple pushing Avid out of its preferred space, or is this by design? Probably a little of both.

This marks the second time in recent years that Apple has not just addressed a shortcoming, but leap frogged its biggest competitor. Buying Shake put Apple in the compositing and effects space after Avid had moth-balled Illusion, Matador, and Elastic Reality. Avid argues that those features got rolled into D|S, but D|S is irrelevant to most of Avid’s customer base. It also positioned Apple to go toe to toe with Adobe After Effects, and we’re seeing some negative fallout there. Adobe is clearly less interested in supporting its Mac video user base than it previously was.

The turbulence in the post production space will continue a little longer.

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