Xprove goes live! Thanks guys!

Xprove: Online review and approval for video professionals. The elevator pitch is that the service pays for itself in FedEx and gasoline savings every time you use it. Try it. The first month is free.

Well, we did it. We beat Gmail out of beta, and Flickr out of gamma. Not bad at all for a team of three. In the spirit of full disclosure, Dan Sharp and Dave Bryand deserve the credit. After sketching the business plan on the back of the proverbial envelope, I got out of the way and they ran with it. In fact, except for a few scraps of code mistakenly pasted in IMs to me, I’ve not seen any of the code that powers Xprove. I do know it’s been written in Ruby on Rails. I bought the books, took the tutorials, but no go — they won’t let me even peek under the hood. Takes me off the hook for tech support.

Dave Bryand and Dan SharpIt’s really kind of cool to think that we conceived a business and built it. Just three guys in three different parts of the country. In fact the only time we worked together, face to face was in Vegas at NAB ’06 (pictured above). If Xprove makes us a few bucks, we’re way ahead of the game. Because the real value in Xprove is that now each one of us knows that we can get a viable business off the ground.

It’s been an amazing six months. All three of us had to learn to let go, and learn to work outside our comfort zones. Each of us had our own successful businesses, and we were all used to wearing all the hats. But we figured it out. Being the oldest dog, I think I had the toughest time.

People ask me if I needed to go to b-school to get Xprove started. I’m not sure. Although knowing how to project monthly cash flows is pretty darn handy. Maybe it was simply having entrepreneurship demystified that was so important.

Who knows how far Xprove will take us? But it doesn’t really matter as much now as I thought it did. Getting this far is pretty damn rewarding.

2 Thoughts on “Xprove goes live! Thanks guys!

  1. Congratulations!

  2. Thanks, Tom. And congrats to you on the excellent slo-mo work for the NLCS. Though not impressed by my Mets’ performance, the Fox production rocked. Now all you have to do is get rid of McCarver.

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