DFT 55mm filters updated

My favorite plug-in set of all-time has just been updated. From Marco Paolini’s press release:

55mm 7.0 adds 12 new filters as well as tuning existing filter algorithms. Chromatic Aberration, Color Infrared, Cool Mist, Defringe, Double Fog, Edge Glow, Old Photo, Pencil, Split Tone, X-Ray, and the new Two Strip and Three Strip filters are just some of the highlights of 55mm 7.0. The Three Strip and Two Strip plug-ins were created under the direction of Academy Award Winning Visual Effects Supervisor Rob Legato, who used the process to great effect in The Aviator. The Technicolor® Two Strip process was the first stab at producing color motion pictures and consisted of simultaneously photographing two black and white images using red and green filters. This look creates an odd but pleasing hand-painted look where faces appear normal and green takes on a blue-green quality, while the sky and all things blue appear cyan.

Leonardo DiCaprio in the AviatorPersonally I found the look of the Aviator distracting over the length of the film, but it’s a cool look I’ve tried to emulate in shorter form work. It’s toned down a little in the tralier I lifted the above image from. Now it’s a mouse click or two away along with a great Bleach Bypass look and the best Infrared simulator I’ve ever seen.

Nice work, again, Marco.

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