If this doesn’t get high tech workers to unionize

From USA Today

Employment lawyers are warning companies they could face liability or workers’ compensation claims related to employee injuries from personal digital assistants.

The American Physical Therapy Association in Alexandria, Va., and other occupational organizations warn that improper use and overuse of personal digital assistants (PDAs) can lead to hand throbbing, tendonitis and swelling, a condition known as BlackBerry Thumb, named after the popular PDA.

Not since they had eight-year-old kids in coal mines has corporate America so brazenly ignored worker safety. Further evidence of OSHA’s complete abdication of its responsibilities.

Having spent summers during my undergrad years working in a lumberyard, I can’t believe what yuppies can find to complain about. There are real problems in this world. How about the fact that well over 90% of the people using Blackberrys don’t need them? Just put the stupid thing away already.

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