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Photoshop CS 3 beta iconI could claim that I just had to install the Photoshop CS3 public beta on my MacBook Pro because many of our Xprove customers are going to do the same, and we have to be aware of any issues that might create. That would be a lie. Desperation drove me to install the beta. After six months of the dreadful performance CS2 on my laptop, I was yearning to run an Intel-native version of Photoshop.

I got my wish. Photoshop CS3 runs quite nicely. Of course the very first thing I attempted failed. The Intel-native Mac version won’t open .bmp files. Though not a huge issue for most, I have a client who has been sending me such files for almost five years. I’ll work around the issue while Adobe works on a fix rather than ask a client to change.

The bigger issue appears to be that Photoshop CS 3 has adversely affected Final Cut Pro. After running CS3 for an afternoon, I discovered I was no longer able to capture via Firewire with a non-controllable device. Again, not a feature many pros use, but I often have to grab live feeds off my digital cable box for use in FCP.

I’ve got no definitive information on the issue. In fact, the FCP problem may be completely unrelated to the CS3 install, but for now I’m recommending to students and clients running FCP on an Intel Mac not to install the Photoshop CS3 public beta on production machines.

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  1. I had terrible trouble with CS2 though not due to using it on a macIntel. It run so much slower than any previous version on my mac G4, suggesting there was a ton of background stuff going on (version cue?). In the end I had to remove it and install CS1 which runs a lot better.

    As for your final cut pro issue it could be caused by photoshop’s desktop preview. i know I’ve had prblems before back with fial cut 4.0, basically it hated my external drive because it wanted to use the firewire as a DV bridge.

    Happy Christmas Frank

  2. Thanks Conrad! It was Bridge. I deleted the CS3 version, and all is working now.

    Happy Xmas to you too! My next step was to reinstall OS X. You saved me hours.

  3. Adam Simon on December 18, 2006 at 4:17 pm said:

    Just had the same problem with capturing via Firewire with a non-controllable device. Had to use iMovie instead as I was in a hurry. I have latest fcp and CS2 but did not install versioncue as I heard there was an issue on the intel macs. Will have to check the desktop preview issue as mentioned by Conrad when I get in front of my mac.
    Have a great holiday

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