Laugher of a mobile TV prediction

If you believe those stories about people waking up in hotel bathrooms with missing kidneys, you’ll love this. The firm Understanding & Solutions – no I hadn’t heard of it either until Fierce Mobile Content picked it up – predicts the mobile video business to grow by 800% by 2010. Had they stopped there, their prediction would have simply been wildly optimistic. They didn’t. They went on:

…[reaching] global revenues of $18 billion by the beginning of the next decade. Of that amount, mobile TV profits will exceed mobile VOD by a margin of nearly four to one, generating roughly $14.3 billion and $3.7 billion respectively.

That means they believe mobile video is already a $2 billion industry worldwide. Only Italy and South Korea have embraced the technology, and for content of an extremely limited scope. Too bad they never explain their math.

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