Netflix 2.0

From today’s New York Times

Netflix is introducing a service to deliver movies and television shows directly to users’ PCs, not as downloads but as streaming video, which is not retained in computer memory.

That’s a different direction than Apple and Amazon, which gives them some blue ocean to swim in. There’s a reason the water’s blue. People don’t want to watch movies on a PC, but it would be shortsighted to believe this is Netflix’ end game. A deal with a game console maker that’s not Microsoft, or maybe Sling Media to tap into its new box is the logical next step.

Assuming there’s a way to get the stream onto the living room set, the allotted 18 hours of streams per month adds eight to ten additional on-demand movies to the most popular subscription plan. That’s far more movies than I need from Netflix on top of my existing service.

My hunch is that the typical user would use such a service to cover those few times a month he’s out of movies because either the weather stinks and he’s watching more movies than Netflix can deliver, or, like me, the idiot forgot to drop the DVDs in the mail.

Once again Netflix has found a formula that pundits will trash – no one wants movies on their PCs; but customers will come to love – cool, now I need a SlingCathcer. Streamed movies on the PC might stink, but streamed movies on a TV beats a trip Blockbuster in the rain or cable’s on-demand charges.

Now might be the time for an enterprising young pornographer to steal this business model.

The Hacking Netflix blog has a nice demo of the service.

Netflix movies streamed to PC

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