Thinking about upgrading to Vista?

Bloomberg reports on yet another Microsoft antitrust case [Comes v. Microsoft Corp., CL 82311, Iowa District Court, Polk County]

Windows logoIt’s rare a court case helps me decide whether to upgrade an OS on a production machine, but some lawyer in Iowa just saved me a couple hundred bucks. Discovery’s a great thing. When Longhorn’s lead developer calls Vista a pig you know you’ve hit pay dirt. It might not win your court case, but it makes a lot of Mac geeks’ day.

Allchin, who started the exchange in an e-mail entitled “sucking on media players,” also suggested he talk to Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs to get the iPod to work with Microsoft’s media software for fear the iPod would “drive people away from Windows Media Player.” Microsoft introduced its Zune music player in November.

“My goodness it’s terrible,” Allchin wrote about one of Creative’s devices. “What I don’t understand though is I was told the new Creative Labs device would be comparable to Apple. That is so not the case.”

Majidimehr replied “Now you feel our pain.”

And then…

The e-mails mark the second set of conversations exhibited in the trial in which Allchin, a 16-year Microsoft veteran, expresses concern about competition with Apple products. In a 2004 e-mail to Chairman Bill Gates and CEO Steve Ballmer made public during opening arguments in December, Allchin criticized Windows and said “I would buy a Mac today if I was not working at Microsoft.”

Allchin at the time was leading development of Longhorn, the code name for Windows Vista, which reaches stores Jan. 30. Allchin, who is retiring after Vista is released, referred to Longhorn as “a pig” and said “we have lost our way.”

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