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If Adobe has its way, FLV will be the new PDF. One of those announcements that might seems a little ho-hum in the midst of all the NAB hype, yesterday’s unveiling of the Adobe Media Player will have a profound effect on the media landscape. First and foremost, the ability to launch Flash Video files outside the browser makes the format that much more attractive to content creators. No longer do we have to concern ourselves with the presentation layer when releasing video in Flash format.

Just like QuickTime and Windows Media, Flash gets its own lightweight player for the desktop. But there’s more to it:

For content publishers, Adobe Media Player enables better ways to deliver, monetize, brand, track and protect video content. It provides an array of video delivery options for high-quality online and offline playback, including on-demand streaming, live streaming, progressive download, and protected download-and-play. The Adobe Media Player enables a wider selection of monetization and branding options including viewer-centric dynamic advertising and the ability to customize the look and feel of the player on the fly to match the brand or theme of the currently playing content.

The hooks into a targeted advertising engine are great, but I wonder if Adobe is planning the next obvious step – a simple pay per download system similar to iTunes. With Akamai as a partner, why not? A system more open, but just as ubiquitous as iTunes can really change the distribution landscape in a hurry.

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