Xprove offers free accounts (and more)


As our present to the planet on Earth Day, we have decided to offer free online video review and approval accounts on Xprove. No strings attached. The free account is limited to a single project, 100 MB of storage, and lacks custom branding features. Otherwise it’s a full Xprove account. No ads. No Xprove branding. Something professionals can really use.

For those who don’t have a regular need for online video review and approval, Xprove can also substitute as a handy FTP site for file exchanges with team members. But we really hope everyone tries it for review and approval.

Why are we doing this now? Because we can. We’ve grown large enough to be self-sustaining and now we can afford to give a little back. Free accounts can help startups save a few bucks and become profitable faster, and can give students and teachers a way to collaborate with video. Lots of people helped us get off the ground. Now we’re returning the favor.

Our goal: One less car at least once a month. Give it a try, and please send us your feedback.

More news from Xprove

We’ve just updated our software to allow custom branding. Now your Xprove account can look like it’s part of your website. You can adjust the color scheme and add your logo.

Finally, in case you missed it among the myriad NAB announcements last week, Xprove and SyncVue have formed a strategic alliance to advance the use of online review and approval for video projects. We’re exploring different ways of working together to benefit all our customers. We believe it’s important for there to be truly open systems available for review and approval.

2 Thoughts on “Xprove offers free accounts (and more)

  1. Helgi Thor on April 30, 2007 at 6:24 pm said:

    Thanks! Nice move and I really appreciate it.
    Depending on my clients’ reaction I´ll probably upgrade my account soon.
    I couldn´t find any link on the xprove site for sending feedback, though. Should I just email you directly?

  2. Helgi Thor on April 30, 2007 at 8:42 pm said:

    Never mind my previous comment. I already discovered ‘Submit a ticket’.

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