Apple TV - YouTube adComing in June, YouTube on your widescreen via Apple TV. Barely acceptable web video makes for unacceptable HDTV content, but that misses a bigger point. Is this combination of two of the biggest names in online media and content distribution IPTVs killer app? Many have said this is what IPTV has been waiting for to hit the mainstream.

Some questions to consider:

  • Apple and Google will have to tackle the interface issue. A huge part YouTube’s appeal is that it’s so easy to change the channel. How will Apple TV fare without a mouse and keyboard?
  • Why not open up Apple TV to FLV, rather than convert the YouTube catalog to H.264? This seems like an opportunity missed, or is DRM coming to YouTube?
  • What about context? YouTube is great for killing a few minutes here and there (especially at work). Will it become the commercial break destination, further eroding the reach of the :30 spot?
  • This is exciting for independent producers. Finally a real gateway into the living room. Will we be allowed to build a business model around it? Probably not anytime soon.
  • If YouTube on Apple TV succeed, will other distributors get in line?

Interesting times. The possibility of the independent content market exploding is very exciting = just as I’m going back to big media.

My colleague at, Park Seward, also had some interesting points.

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