A pair of mobile video announcements

Those who care have already heard that Apple has a deal in place to make YouTube available to iPhone users through a special player.

CUPERTINO, California—June 20, 2007—Apple® today announced that iPhone™ users will be able to enjoy YouTube’s originally-created content on their iPhones when they begin shipping on June 29. A new Apple-designed application on iPhone will wirelessly stream YouTube’s content to iPhone over Wi-Fi or EDGE networks and play it on iPhone’s stunning 3.5 inch display.

If anything will succeed in the US mobile video space, it will be YouTube with its short, digestible video that for the most part will look as good as it needs to on a 3.5″ display. I find it amusing that every mention of the iPhone display in the release is preceded by “stunning.” I’m sure it’s a nice little display, but I can’t be stunned by anything 3.5″ across.

Of course, broadcasters continue to dust of the old models. MediaWeek reports that a consortium of broadcasters is calling for a mobile video standard that’s backwards compatible with digital television. Apparently the broadcasters want a standard in order to avoid a format war that would delay the adoption of mobile television.

Broadcasters fail to realize that no format war can possibly dampen American interest in mobile television any further.

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