ABC goes FCP

One staff editor reports that ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) is moving all its production suites in the next year from Avid to Final Cut Studio 2. His Melbourne-based suite will be among the first to make the move. ABC is switching from the older Meridien platform, not the new DNA boxes – Mojo, Adrenaline, and Nitris.

This is interesting as the common wisdom has been that Avid will remain strong in broadcast and studio work, with independent and corporate being ceded – albeit reluctantly – to Apple and Adobe.

This will rattle Avid’s cage. Don’t be surprised if the new leadership team doesn’t make a play to retake the smaller facility market. Having amortized R&D for the current generation of editors, the company is in good position to price aggressively if it desires. Otherwise it really will be a Final Cut universe.

ABC news and current affairs are not included in this move. Those editing platforms are still to be determined.

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