Blip more than a blip?

Blip.tvIt’s easy to lump in the YouTube wannabe category, but that would be a mistake. If I had to pick a winner in the video sharing, hosting, publishing, and blogging space, it would be Blip.

  • There’s a business model in place. Advertising revenues are shared 50-50 with content owner.
  • Blip allows content owners a decent amount of control over the presentation layer – popup player, linked media, or inline video – that YouTube doesn’t.
  • It works well with all the popular blogging software, and multiple media formats. Everything need not be re-compressed to ugly Flash video, though that’s an option as well.
  • Most impressive is its cross-posting advertising capabilities. Ads can follow videos wherever they are made available whether from personal blogs all the way to iTunes.

It’s a crowded space, but a shakeout is imminent. How long can some of these startups continue to bleed VC money awaiting acquisition from Google, Yahoo!, or Microsoft? Blip should be able to stand on its own for a long time.

The ability for independents to make money off of iTunes is its most intriguing feature. What will Apple’s reaction be? To date, no one has been able to make money through iTunes without ceding a portion of revenues to the iTunes Music Store. Apple may look the other way if Blip takes off – trading revenue opportunities for eyeballs. That would be a new strategy for Apple, but it might make sense in this case. Off course Apple’s relationship with YouTube will factor in the matter as well.

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