EditShare 5.0 released

EditShare will introduce project sharing for Final Cut Pro users in version 5.0 of its popular SAN solution. Some highlights from the press release:

For the first time, Apple FCP editors can enjoy the same tremendous collaborative workflow benefits that previously were only available to Avid editors. The new EditShare Apple FCP Project Sharing feature allows multiple Apple FCP editors to simultaneously open up and work from the same projects. EditShare Project Sharing is seamless, eliminating the time consuming exporting and importing of XML files and duplication of FCP project files.

As with all EditShare systems, the rights management and rules driven architecture allow administrators to pre-define user access and prevent overwrites, further enhancing the overall exchange of media and creative workflow across all post environments.

Since Avid projects are comprised of multiple files, real-time sharing is a simpler proposition. Someone opens a bin on a Unity system, and until the bin is closed all others only have read-only access. Final Cut Pro saves all metadata in a single project file – thus only one person can write to a project at a time.

Some relatively minor adjustments to collaborative workflows would grant EditShare users nearly the same functionality as Unity. For example, all source material is placed in shared projects. Each editor has his own project. Others can access the other editors’ projects and pull things out as needed. Editors can add sequences from their projects to other shared projects as needed. With a little more careful effort, an XSAN system can also do a similar trick.

It will be interesting to see what additional functionality is added when Final Cut Server is released.

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