I play a lawyer on YouTube

ArsTechnica ran a nice summary of the legal challenges YouTube faces. Even for curmudgeons who care not a lick for videos of cats flushing toilets, YouTube rulings are likely to have an impact on every video professional’s future.

Legal eagles are focusing on the Viacom case as a litmus test.

That would mean that if any case has some real likelihood to affect the legal landscape of the Internet, it would be Viacom’s. Why the Internet and not just YouTube? The DMCA’s Safe Harbor provisions aren’t just important to video sharing sites; they’re important to almost every sector of Internet-based business. “Nearly every major Internet company depends on the very same legal foundation that YouTube is built on,” said von Lohmann.

“A legal defeat for YouTube could result in fundamental changes to its business, potentially even making it commercially impossible to embrace user-generated content without first ‘clearing’ every video. In other words, a decisive victory for Viacom could potentially turn the Internet into TV, a place where nothing gets on the air until a cadre of lawyers signs off,” he said.

Perhaps Google will find ways around an adverse ruling. Maybe GoogleCue will make the task of filling out music and stock footage cue sheets easier.

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  1. Should that happen I’m sure they’d be glad in the drop in price of their bandwidth bill. Still, there’s nothing sadder than not being able to see a slideshow of sonic the hedgehog drawings to the sound of bohemian rhapsody.

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