Microsoft can be cool too

Microsoft Surface

This is a hell of a lot cooler than porting Safari to Windows – something I still don’t get. Those who care about stability, security, and standards compliance are on Firefox. Those who don’t are on IE. Where’s the niche for Safari? Those Windows users who want a browser just like their iPhone? For those who believe in the wisdom of the crowds, Apple’s share price decline on the announcement of Safari for Windows is ominous.

Here’s a little demo I found on YouTube.

Anyway it would make for a suite NLE host. I’d love to see Avid port to this platform.

2 Thoughts on “Microsoft can be cool too

  1. Those who want to develop for the iPhone without buying a Mac. Them and them alone.



    A few other reasons are cited, but overall, you hit the nail on the head as usual Philip.

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