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Mobi-lize logoAccess Intelligence, the publisher of Studio Daily and Studio Monthly, has just launched Mobi-lize. Though in the works previous to the iPhone announcement, the launch timing couldn’t be better. A good number of video professionals are giving mobile video a serious look for the first time. If the premiere issue is indicative of the site, it’s going to be a go-to resource in the space. (Of course, you have several months to launch a site only a week to begin rolling out the updates.)

I’d like to call out two articles as good places to get your footings in the space. Ten Rules of Mobile Distribution is a solid primer for those looking to strike their first mobile content deal. A lot of the suggestions hold for web and IPTV distribution as well.

Is Mobile Marketing Ready for its Neanderthal Phase? opens the discussion about what makes for good mobile marketing media. The theme of the closing paragraph about the tendency of new media producers to mimic the approach of older media producers will be familiar to those who follow this blog.

Fierce Mobile Content logoAnother good mobile video resource is Fierce Mobile Content. As the name implies, it’s content focused. The site is more news-based than Mobi-lize with a heavy emphasis on press releases and announcements, but there are also links to third party articles and analysis.

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