Red at Cine Gear

Red logoRed’s planning a demo at CINEGEAR tomorrow. It wouldn’t be a bad place to announce a ship date (or at least an update) as it’s been nearly a month since the Red One camera went on an engineering delay. An early skeptic, I became a believer at NAB. The Peter Jackson short was easily the most stunning demo reel for a camera in industry history.

Now I’m eager to see Red released, though I don’t plan on buying or renting one. I’m a post guy, so I’m very interested in the Red workflow. We’ve heard about Redcode in FCP. How will it work with existing higher end DI systems. How will the codec perform in action? There’s been a lot of excitement (hype) about 4k, but the real story out of the gate will be 2k and HD. That’s where we’re likely to see Red imagery in distribution.

I’m most intrigued by word of Red plans to develop 4k monitors and projectors. I want more details on the professional (prosumer?) pocket camera. We don’t even know if it’s a still or video camera yet. The promise of a complete Red ecosystem is alluring with a single codec for acquisition and post.

Red’s going to happen. There’s the video equivalent of the Manhattan Project team assigned to it. I just wish we knew when it was coming, but I applaud the company’s restraint in not announcing future shipping targets until certain. Previously the company was a little too communicative for my taste. Remember the news of last summer’s break in? But a monthly update on an engineering delay seems about right.

The problem for me is that until Red One ships, all the stuff I’m really interested in remains in radio silence.

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