DV Magazine review of Media Composer 2.7

Penned by me, it’s now online.

The logical question is: how does Avid justify Media Composer 2.7, a $4,995 software-only NLE? (To add 3D from SoftImage, Avid FX compositing tools by Boris FX, and Avid DVD by Sonic is an additional $1,295.)

It’s a pleasure writing for DV. Where other publications consider 700 words enough for a review, DV gives the reviewer the opportunity to go long. This one was almost 2,000 words. I understand page counts are down these days (and may never go back up), but what’s the point of a 700-word review of something as complex as an NLE?

One Thought on “DV Magazine review of Media Composer 2.7

  1. Michael Forrest on September 7, 2007 at 3:12 pm said:

    Nice review Frank. I enjoy the stability and workflow across the Avid Product line. However, one note, Symphony is not Avid’s top of the line NLE. DS is their killer app and is head and shoulders above Symphony.


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