Gentlemen, set your TiVos

ABC NASCAR in Primetime

This space has been pretty dead for the past couple of weeks. I knew I wouldn’t have time to keep this fresh all summer while working on the ABC NASCAR series. It’s been a blast – a little bit of editing, a little bit of design work, a little bit of post management, and a lot of sweat.

The shows just plain rock. They begin airing this Wednesday @ 10 PM on ABC, and will run for five weeks. Race fans and non-race fans will love it. Tune in.

One side effect of working on the series is that I’ve become hooked on the smell of burning rubber and high octane gas. Coincidentally one of my Xprove colleagues has become hooked on the sport as well. Business calls now begin with a discussion of the finer points of Tony Stewart’s last performance.

Let’s go racing, boys!

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