Celtx released

Last week the latest update to Celtx was released.

Celtx is the world’s first fully integrated solution for media pre-production and collaboration. It replaces old fashioned ‘paper, pen & binder’ media creation with a digital approach to writing and organizing that’s more complete, simpler to work with, and easier to share.

Celtx logoCeltx is a client-server application. The application and basic web services are free. The script writer is elegant, though a little cumbersome when working with large scripts. The stroyboard tool is quite nice as well. Overall, Celtx is perfect for me to bang out a quick storyboard, script, and shooting schedule.

Those looking for true collaboration should look elsewhere. Celtx currently lacks version control, making it almost impossible for two people to work on a script concurrently. Even a simple check-in/check-out approach as used in Adobe Dreamweaver would be welcome.

Also, there’s no peer-to-peer networking available through Celtx. All collaboration must go through the Celtx server — an understandable limitation since the business model is based on upselling web services. It would be an easier sell to my clients if client-side encryption were available.

While Celtx lacks acceptable collaboration tools at this pre-1.0 stage of its development, it shows promise. (Version control is rumored to be in the pipeline.) As a production planning and scripting tool for a single user, it’s quite elegant. Definitely worth a download.

One Thought on “Celtx released

  1. Hey Frank,
    Sheila here from Celtx. Thanks so much for posting about our latest 0.995 release. Just wanted to clear up a little misinformation regarding your comment on collaboration, as 995 actually ‘does’ include a server-side version control feature called ‘Snapshots’. Snapshots are used to track a constantly evolving project, allowing the user to revert back to a known state at any time.

    To access, you just upload your project to the server, then select the Snapshot link from the Web Services navigation. Give that snapshot a name that will help you track (ie. v.1, v. 2, etc…) and then it becomes available to download from the server.

    These snapshots can also be used as the version you want to present on Project Central ( a public site that showcases the works of members of the Celtx community – http://pc.celtx.com/ ). Once you create a snapshot, you can reconfigure your Publish settings to use the snapshot as opposed to the most recent version.

    I hope that helps clear things up. If you or your readers have further questions about Celtx, by all means, feel free to drop by our forum – http://forums.celtx.com, or email me directly at sheila at celtx dot com.

    Many thanks,

    Sheila Crosbie
    Celtx Program Development

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