Forget the iPhone, unchain the iPod

Dear Mr. Jobs,

If you really want to own the hand-held device market, forget about the iPhone, just add some real functionality to the iPod Touch. As I’ve stated numerous times, I’ll never switch to AT&T, and approximately two-third of Americans are with me on that. Even you can sway us. You see, we still need our phones to make calls.

Just yesterday I was out and about with my iPod and clicked the Safari button to see what would happen. There was a WiFi network available, and that’s becoming more common every day. So why not ditch this phone thing, get in with Google on the bandwidth buying spree and go with VOIP?

Look you don’t play well with others — especially those old-school blue chips. Remember Motorola? You can’t tell me that the AT&T story will end any differently.

So here’s what you do for total hand-held domination:

  • Put an email client on the iPod. Web-based email — excepting .Mac of course — sucks. Everyone hates it.
  • Get Skype working on the iPod. How hard can that be? You’ve done a hell of a job with YouTube. In fact, just buy Skype and make it less dorky. I hear the honeymoon at eBay is over. They’ll part with it.
  • Fix Safari. We can understand why you don’t love Flash, but the rest of the world does.

AT&T web site
Now you have a hand-held device that’s better than the iPhone because AT&T is out of the picture. I mean, look at them, they’re selling refurbished PDAs for $30 next to your lovely iPhone. Mr. Jobs, they are not worthy. Move on before they embarass you further.

Sure, AT&T is going to sue you, but Apple lawyer’s are pretty good in court. And it’s pretty easy to renege on a deal with them. NASCAR screwed them pretty good and got away with it.

I’d make Apple my carrier tomorrow. I bet the other two thirds of Americans might too.

One Thought on “Forget the iPhone, unchain the iPod

  1. I second the point about flash. I think like 98% of all computers on the internet have some version of the plugin installed, so IMHO, the “real” internet (as Steve calls it) requires flash. Even parts of the apple site used to use flash.

    I hope that in Febuary when the API comes out we’ll get it because technically, it is a 3rd party app 😉

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