Joost to go live

As announced at MIPCOM this week and reported at Paid Content, Joost will try its hand a live sports in the US Q1.

[EVP Yvette Alberdingkthijm] said the live programming will include a “combination” catch-up option to watch on-demand shows following live transmission, then said Joost will offer widgets allowing viewers to bookmark favourite sporting moments and keep scores – some co-written with content partners, others by the community.

Major League Baseball on JoostPlay to the fantasy sports crowd and it will be an instant winner. Joost already has a deal with Major League Baseball to offer highlights on demand, so don’t be surprised to see a Joost-powered fantasy baseball portal. This is a crowd that spends countless hours pouring over minutiae while games are playing. The Joost interface is perfect for the trash-talking fantasy addict. Q1… NCAA tournament?

Fantasy sports just might be Joost’s ticket to the mainstream.

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