Social Networking for Production Pros

Production Pr Net logoLike the net needs another social networking site. I said the same thing about web sites in 1996, so I may be wrong. Somehow I don’t think so this time. Production Pro Net is LinkedIn for the industry.

Production Net Pro is a communications and networking system designed to increase productivity by strengthening and fostering professional relationships. Users communicate with one another via a closed email system that respects the confidential nature of relationships within the industry.

The thing about social networks is that Metcalfe’s Law doesn’t apply. The value of a social network diminishes as it fills with people you’re not interested in networking with. That’s why Facebook has the buzz and MySpace has the noise. So wouldn’t a network targeted at my industry be just what Metcalfe ordered? Perhaps it would be if you’re industry wasn’t full of people who thought it was cool to be in the industry. We’ve all had waiters and cabdrivers “in the industry.” Do you want to network with them?

Production Net Pro culls the herd by charging $25 per month. It lost the otherwise unemployed waiter crowd, but it also lost me there. It needs a business model that allows me to observe the value of the network before charging me for accessing it.

What I like about LinkedIn is that my contacts represent all facets of my career — not just TV people, but journalists, software developers, academics, designers, and scientists. And that network has value to my contacts.

Soon enough there will be a free version, or an auction.

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