Tubes service shutting down

One of the more innovative P2P services is shutting down as of January 30. Tubes was aimed at people looking to move big files around.

Anyone you permit can access anything in the tube right on their desktop just by downloading Tubes and accepting your invitation. With the proper permission level (which you control) they can also contribute to your tube and tubeSite. For instance, if they add or edit files in the tube on their desktop those changes automatically replicate everywhere — back to your desktop, the desktops of all the other members of that tube and to the tubeSite on the web. Tubes eliminates the need to resend or upload files making it super easy to collaborate with anyone anywhere.

It would have been a useful tool… had it ever been available on OS X. My creative team and I simply spent too much of our working lives on Macs for Tubes to have added much value to our workflow.

Certainly the lack of a Mac client wasn’t all that did in Tubes. Breaking into the P2P and collaboration space in 2007 was no small feat.

It will be interesting to see where the technology lands, and whether the service will be relaunched with a new business model and focus.

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