This blog’s about two and a half years-old. I have no recollection why I started it. It just seemed to happen, and I fully expected that I’d sooner rather than later lose interest in it. Though I’ve gone through a few dry patches, I’ve been remarkably consistent in this endeavor (at least by my standards).

It’s relatively easy to transition from magazine writing to blogging. Once you’re on the PR firm’s mailing list, you’ll remain there, and my years at DV Magazine got me on a lot of lists. I still had access to the key personnel at the major players in our business, so I got a few scoops.

I also made a few mistakes. Some entries weren’t properly sourced. Other entries often came off more harshly than intended. What I didn’t have as an independent blogger was an editor — that extra set of eyes reading the copy and asking, “Do you really want to say it that way?” At DV I had one of the best in the business in Jim Feeley.

Bloggers don’t usually have the luxury of a publisher. Someone pounding the pavement to keep the money flowing, so we can all afford to do this. Google AdWords just don’t cut it. At DV I had Scott Gentry. A real class act who never asked the writers to pull punches out of concern over angering advertisers. He knew that if readers valued our work advertisers would have to come along. All he demanded was that we be fair.

At DV I also had a stable of colleagues who were so good at what they did that my reputation was enhanced by having my name on the next page. When I started writing for DV I was in awe of Chris and Trish Meyer, Adam Wilt, Mark Christiansen, and, later on, Bruce Johnson. The late 1990s and into the early part of this decade was the heyday of DV. We were a great team, sharing perspectives and sometimes sources.

As much as I enjoy the freedom of being writer, editor, and publisher of my blog, I much preferred my situation at DV. So when Scott Gentry offered me a spot on, I jumped at the chance to be reunited with my DV band mates. Ever wary that the reunion tour often fails to live up to expectations, Scott’s invited some new blood — most notably Mike Curtis of HDforIndies, and he’s built a mechanism for new blood to continue to be infused.

Going forward, my primary blog will live at This blog will be renamed “Even More Capria.” It will be a little more off-topic, a little more personal.

PVC gives me the resources to put more time into my writing. It will provide me more access to key thinkers in our space. I hope you join me over there. Links to my RSS feed and to the home pages are below, and will be featured in the right sidebar here.

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