QuickTime currency

A very interesting piece by the always thoughtful Mark Christiansen on ProVideoCoalition.com about our industry’s dependence on QuickTime in post production. He’s drawn a fascinating parallel between the adoption of the US dollar as the world’s currency and QuickTime as a post currency.

Back in the 90’s I remember lobbying hard, along with many others, for QuickTime to be universally supported on systems from Avid and Discreet and smaller more specialized companies that shunned the format in favor of proprietary formats such as OMF (the “Open Media Framework”) that couldn’t be played back without buying something, and image sequences, which couldn’t be played back in real-time without a specialized hardware/software combination. We were also rooting for QuickTime as the underdog against the other web video formats of the day, the much dreaded Windows Media Real.

Now QuickTime has acquired a position of strength in post, and has made huge inroads into the consumer space, it’s no longer the underdog and post pros are at Apple’s mercy to fix major issues.

In a related area, my Avid colleague, Justin Kwan posted this helpful article on managing QuickTime issues when importing and exporting in an Avid environment.

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