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The katydids are out. As a kid the sound was the harbinger of the end of summer. To teachers their song is “write your syllabus.” This year is very different. Working at Avid will surely have a profound effect on how I teach FT504-Video Post Production I. Previously I’d always taught the class, quoting my lecture notes, as “Avid-centric, but Final Cut tolerant.” Meaning I used Avid Media Composer for classroom demos, but would answer Final Cut Pro questions.

Beyond loyalty to my new employer, and pride in my new position as Senior Product Designer for Media Composer, my Avid knowledge is deeper than ever, so I’m obviously tempted to make it an Avid-only curriculum. I can teach my students some pretty neat Media Composer tricks. But is that the right thing to do? Should I put more focus on Avid just because I know (and love) it better? Probably not.

This semester I’ll continue to be “Avid-centric” and include Final Cut Pro in some form in my teaching – not just to do right by my students, but to do right by my colleagues at Avid. Everyone should keep an eye on the competition.

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