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MediaSilo logoAfter blogging about the YouSendIt NLE plug-in, I received a comment from MediaSilo — a polite, shameless plug for its review and approval system. Having founded Xprove, review and approval remains near and dear to my heart. (I no longer have a financial interest in Xprove, though I should disclose I remain close to my co-founders who remain.)

There’s no denying that MediaSilo has a superior, and sufficiently Web 2.0ish, user interface. It also has some features Xproves lacks, such as server-based FLV encoding. But it’s no slamdunk for MediaSilo. Its monthly fee per gigabyte of storage and bandwidth — especially bandwidth — is much higher than Xprove’s. Even more surprising is the limited number of workspaces per account.

Having been through the usage logs of Xprove, I’ll be surprised if MediaSilo’s $79 and $99 plans gain traction with independents. As slick as MediaSilo is, Xprove also wins on ease of use.

Currently the review and approval market is so underserved, there’s more than enugh room for both services. Each is a great value relative to the level of work required to build your own approval site, or get Final Cut Server working for web-based R&A.

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