YouSendIt plug-in for the NLE

Of course it’s not the NLE I’d choose to start with…

YouSendIt‘s Final Cut Pro plug-in is a useful editor to editor collaboration tool. Right-click on a clip or a sequence in the FCP project, and choose Export > Send by YouSendIt. YouSendIt’s plug-in gathers the necessary source files in a queue, offering the option of including the project file as well.

Files are not compressed, and playing a sequence requires that the receiver must have FCP and all necessary codecs installed. It’s not much of a review and approval or general collaboration tool, but it might be useful for moving small projects via email without having to worry about attachment size limits.

YouSendIt has taken a first step towards making NLE collaboration over the web viable for small shops, but it’s not there yet. This is a huge growth opportunity, but also an opportunity missed. A Squeeze, ProCoder, or Compressor plug-in would be more useful to small shops.

2 Thoughts on “YouSendIt plug-in for the NLE

  1. For online collaboration between editors, check out We have been working on a service that integrates with FinalCut and other NLE’s and lets users exchange comments, approve clips, etc. Users pay on a month-by-month basis and there is even an unlimited bandwidth and storage option.
    Sorry for the plug, but I thought this woud be appropriate here.

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