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Since joining a publicly traded company in the media and entertainment space, postings to this blog have dwindled to a trickle. This is not because I have become less opinionated, less interested in the subject matter, or suffer from a two year bout of writer’s block. It’s simply because nearly every topic that fits into the scope of this blog is somehow linked to a partner, vendor, competitor, or customer of Avid.

Though there might be some interest in what a product designer at Avid thinks about his competitors, it would mostly be “car accident” content – not a lot of value, but interesting to read due to the possibility I write something that ends my career or a colleague’s.

I remain arrogant enough to believe I have ideas to share that may be of interest to students and colleagues, and said ramblings might expand beyond the scope of this blog to date. So, as of today this blog’s new mission is to point out stuff of interest to those interested in the intersection of media, business, and technology.

If you enjoy it, share the links. If you don’t, let me know why.

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