Happy accident

I had a perfect foggy morning to take some pictures of the cornfield featured yesterday. Just as I arrived and began setting up, I startled a flock of starlings into flight. I immediately began shooting furiously as I didn’t want to miss the moment. Unfortunately I had. Though I habitually store my camera in the auto mode in case situations such as these arise, today I hadn’t. Earlier in the morning I was shooting the train carrying my son back to college, and and left the camera set to a shutter speed of 1/5 second. Dammit.

I came within inches of deleting the errant shots off the card, but didn’t. The card was nearly empty, so I could trash them in the warmth of my studio. Imagine my surprise when I found a shot I liked among the duds. This shot was the happy accident of my failure to heed two of my rules – stow the camera in auto mode just in case you need to fire off a quick shot, and curate aggressively so the hard disk isn’t filled with dozens of RAW files that will never be opened.

Rules aren’t made to be broken, but sometimes good thing happen when we do.


Originally uploaded to Flickr by Frank Capria
Also at Google+ Random 365 #37

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